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Gas Generator Gas Generator (150 kW)

Product code: 4915003

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The FAS gas-piston power stations equipped with YaMZ engines are a series of three-phase industrial units with a capacity of 100 to 315 kW. The generators are mounted on a steel frame with damping cushions and are not equipped with a protective casing. Therefore, they should be installed within specially equipped enclosed spaces.

YaMZ engine based generators are used for the backup and main power supply of industrial facilities. They are equipped with engines adapted for operation on natural and liquefied gas.

Diesel engines of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant were originally designed to fit overweight vehicles. Therefore, they can be operated for a long time at maximum loads. The FAS generators with YaMZ engines are equipped with an electric starter with powerful accumulator battery, an automatic transfer switch (ATS), a liquid crystal display, and an automatic voltage and frequency controller.

Basic Package

  • Liquid-cooled YaMZ gas engine
  • Cooling radiator for operation at air temperature of up to +40 °C
  • Engine heater for operation at temperature of up to -40 °C
  • Steel welded frame with anti-vibration cushions
  • Electric starter, accumulator starting battery, accumulator battery charging unit
  • Single-bearing electric generator of IP23 class
  • Gas powered generator emergency stop system
  • Automatic voltage and frequency regulator
  • Emergency mode controller
  • Set of operational documents
  • Warranty certificate



Capacity (NG/LPG)150/150 kW
Rated voltage400 V
Number of phasesThree-phase
Rated current270 A
Noise level90 dB
Type of engine starterElectric starter
Time of non-stop operationRound-the-clock
Exterior designOpen

Dimensions & Weight:

Dimensions2900x1420x1650 mm
Weight2500 kg


ModelYaMZ 238
Type of coolingLiquid
Operating speed1500

Additional Data:

Control unitLCD-display
Control unit languageEnglish
Automatic transfer switch (ATS)No
Load transfer time7 sek
Self-testing systemYes


  • Heat recovery module for YaMZ-based generators with a rated capacity of 100 and 150 kW

    Adaptation of an YaMZ engine driven gas-piston station with a rated capacity of 100 and 150 kW for operation of a gas generator equipped with a heat recovery module. The module can be used for both FAS-100-3/R and FAS-150-3/R models.