Russian Manufacturer of Gas Equipment

Gas Equipment

Manufacture of gas generators, evaporative, pump-and-compressor and fuel-dispensing equipment.


Engineering and industry business solutions for various facilities and use conditions.


Maintenance service, installation and commissioning.

Business Cooperation

Our partners receive an opportunity to sell our products and render related services.

Advantages of business cooperation with us:

  • We do not require our partners to buy out equipment and spare parts in advance and store them at the corporate facilities;
  • Active business partners are provided with regional warehouses at our expenses;
  • Delivery to most parts of the world;
  • Absence of strict requirements to the volume of sales;
  • Free staff training;
  • Contract protection against dumping.

Business Cooperation Strategy

Key Points About Our Generators

  • Adapted to Extreme Weather Conditions

    The equipment is adapted to high humidity, snowfalls and extreme temperatures of -50 С° to +40 С°. Programmable operating modes and a 10-second automatic activation in case of blackout.

  • Safety

    The equipment complies with the European safety requirements and Russian GOST standards. Casing with IP 22–23 protection against moisture, snow and dust as well as finger protection. Automatic shutdown in case of overloads, leakage or lack of gas.

  • Synchronisation

    Substantial enhancement of resource volume and service life; a possibility to maintain generators without deenergization.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    The best price-quality ratio in the market, high efficiency, time and cost saving repair, spare parts are available at any time.

  • Wide Range of Component Parts and Functions

    Noise- and heat-protective casing, automatic activation, heating and recharging, remote controllers with SMS alerts, setting and storing of modes.

  • Cross Functional Application for Any Facilities and Purposes

    Permanent and backup sources of energy for any facility—from a private house to a large factory. Utilization of industrial gases and vapors. Operation is adopted for almost any type of gas.