FAS Gas electric generators

Reliable systems for constant and backup energy supply

Gas power generators FAS

from 8 kW to 500 kW*

* with cascade technology
  •   Liquid cooling

  •   all-climate soundproof enclosure

  •   Automatic start

  •   ATS (automatic transfer switch)

  •   Working in any climate conditions

  •   Working with low natural gas pressure

  •   Bi-fuel system

  •   Cascade technology supported

traditions of supremacy

FAS Is a German company and it is a recognized world leader in production of equipment for liquid gases. Today’s position is a result of many years constant work at the improvement of products and service. The company is in Russian market since 1996.

In 2010 Fasenergomash started working in St. Petersburg. It is a member of FAS-Russia group and it is producing gas generators based on Russian engines VAZ 21083 and MMZ. Production of the company is used for energy supply of houses, premises, stocks and industrial buildings. Production is supplied not only across Russia but also to the states of former Soviet Union and surrounding countries.

Fasenergomash is zealously following the corporate traditions of FAS concerning the quality of products and clients service. That is why it is receiving deserved respect from the partners, distributors and consumers.

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