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Test Results

CE Certification

In August 2016, our generators were tested by the European CE Certification commission.

As a result, the generators driven by VAZ engines received the CE Certificate of Compliance with the Directives of the European Union.

Testing of Cogeneration Unit

In May 2016, testing of the cogeneration unit for heat removal for the generators driven by MMZ engines with a capacity of 40 and 50 kW was completed. The unit went into production.

This unit can significantly increase the overall efficiency of generators and generate not only electricity, but also heat in the form of heated water.

Testing of Gas-Piston Stations of 100 and 150 kW

In June 2016, testing of the gas-piston stations of 100 and 150 kW driven by the YaMZ 238 engine was completed.

The stations demonstrated an excellent level of efficiency (electric efficiency of about 30%) at a price almost half lower than that of foreign analogues of the same capacity.

Tests with Biogas

In February 2016, FASENERGOMASH, LLC in cooperation with Evobios tested a gas generator at a biogas producing plant in Sumino settlement, Russian Federation.

The tests resulted in adaptation of the stations to operate from biogas and launching of batch production. Several stations are already installed and operate in Russia and Germany.

Testing of Operation from Wood Gas

On 5 June 2016, the operation of a 13 kW generator from wood gas was tested in the settlement of Luga, Russian Federation.

The generator demonstrated stable operation with a stable output capacity. At the same time, a decrease compared to operation from natural gas was less than 20%, which is a very good indicator.

Testing of Operation from Pyrolysis Gas

On 5 September 2016, Bezopasnye Tekhnologii, LLC (Safe Technologies) tested the operation of our generator from pyrolysis gas (high-calorific waste recycling facilities).

Successful testing allowed adaptation of our stations to operate from pyrolysis gases generated after pyrolysis of polyethylene, rubber and used lubricating oil wastes, as well as from synthetic natural gas generated by plasma solid household waste recycling facilities.

Testing of Generators Driven by Air-Cooled Engines

In October 2016, testing of new generators driven by air-cooled engines with a capacity of 5 and 8 kW was completed.

FASENERGOMASH, LLC managed to design air-cooled generators in a noise-proof casing, with heating and an automatic transfer switch (ATS), which cost one third cheaper than European analogues.

In the near future, these generators will be put into batch production.