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Thermal Module TM (Complete Factory Configuration)

A thermal module of a complete factory configuration allows the use of the generator’s electric power at its highest efficiency and involves minimum efforts for its installation and commissioning.

Thermal Module FAS

Advantages of Ordering Heat Recovery Systems with a Complete Factory Configuration:

  • Over fifteen years of experience in the development and implementation of heat recovery systems of any type. Application of the most effective work algorithms;
  • Profound knowledge of hydraulic resistances at all sections of the recovery system pipeline, which allows a precise selection of the required pumping equipment;
  • The installation and commissioning works can be performed simply and conveniently. It is enough just to connect the contours;
  • FASENERGOMASH, LLC provides warranty obligations for the quality operation of the entire system.

Basic Package

A complete factory package of a thermal module includes::

  • an exhaust gas heat exchanger (EGE);
  • an antifreeze heat exchanger (AHE);;
  • a controlled switch of the exhaust gas flows;
  • a pipeline along the antifreeze and network water lines;
  • a bypass pipeline with rotary gates;
  • a frame base;
  • a set of control and measuring devices;
  • an automatic control cabinet (TM ACC).
Thermal Module FAS

A heat recovery system can be additionally equipped with the following equipment:

  • pumps for antifreeze and network water pumping;
  • a protective casing for TM installation outdoors / on a container’s roof;
  • a low-grade heat recovery system;
  • a network heat exchanger;
  • a low noise silencer;
  • a frame base;
  • a flue gas stack.

* * The arrangement of elements may differ from those shown in the pictures. FASENERGOMASH, LLC reserves the right to introduce technical changes.