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Cabinet Type Gas Control & Distribution Unit FEM GRPSh/3

A control and distribution system of FAS units is mounted in a steel galvanized and painted cabinet comprising:

Gas pressure regulator DN80, PN16 with a safety shut-off valve SAV 8600 for upper and lower shut-off, max. inlet pressure: 16 bar; outlet pressure: 1.5 bar. With a safety bleeder valve 1"NPT. The control and distribution system is equipped with two ball valves DN80 and DN100 as well as a pressure gauge with an inlet and outlet shut-off valves and a bleed pipe. Inlet: DN80; outlet: DN100.

Principal Components

  1. Steel cabinet: 1,600x600x1,200 mm;
  2. Pressure regulator;
  3. Pressure gauge and shut-off valve – 2 pcs;
  4. Safety relief valve;
  5. Ball valve – 4 pcs;
  6. Interflanged gaskets;
  7. Pressure gauge gaskets.

* The arrangement of elements may differ from those shown in the pictures. FASENERGOMASH, LLC reserves the right to introduce technical changes.