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Gas Control & Distribution Unit FEM GRP

A gas control and distribution unit (GRP) or a distributing control station (DCS) is applied in autonomous gas supply systems and is designed for safe operation of the liquefied petroleum gas (propane/butane and mixtures thereof) consumption systems and heating systems.

A distributing control station is factory-assembled in a steel cabinet. The connection to the station is carried out from the underside of the cabinet using a ¾“ coupling with a pipe conical (R) or cylindrical (G) thread.


  • Cabinet size: 500х400х210 mm;
  • Inlet/outlet for liquid phase: ¾“ (R or G type thread);
  • Rated pressure: 4 bar;
  • Weight: 18.5 kg;
  • Solenoid valve power supply: 220V/50Hz.

Principal Components

  1. Metal cabinet – 1 pcs.
  2. Coupling – 2 pcs.
  3. Ball valve – 2 pcs.
  4. Pressure gauge – 1 pcs.
  5. Speed valve – 1 pcs.
  6. Ermeto T-junction – 3 pcs.
  7. Solenoid valve – 1 pcs.

* The arrangement of elements may differ from those shown in the pictures. FASENERGOMASH, LLC reserves the right to introduce technical changes.