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Electronic Fuel Dispenser FEM S/511/L

Electronic fuel dispenser of FEM 500 type with one fuelling hose (located on the lateral side), with a 4-piston volumetric meter and electronic components by FASENERGOMASH (Russia).

The dispenser is intended to supply consumer with liquefied petroleum gas in litres.

Information on the Display Panel

  • Price per litre.
  • Number of dispensed litres.
  • Total cost.

Additional information data (when switching the display): summing data on the number of dispensed litres.

Casing Design

  • Painted steel;
  • RAL colour as specified by the customer.

Electronic Components

  • Electronic components are manufactured by FASENERGOMASH, LLC (Russia).
  • Power supply node 230 V AC / 50 Hz.
  • Panel for taking meter readings in litres.
  • One LCD display panel.
  • Rotary switch.
  • Electronics allows selection of a data communication protocol given the remote control of a dispenser or the connection of additional devices in the following designs: control independently of network connections (local dispenser’s control panel); compatible with DART and AZT 2.0 protocols; self-contained operation without a cash system.
  • Operation simultaneously with level gauges (if an electrical control panel is available).
  • Operation simultaneously with a pump (if an electrical control panel is available).
  • Operation simultaneously with solenoid valves (if an electrical control panel is available).

Hydraulic System PN 25

  • Flow meter for liquefied petroleum gas, 5–50 L/min.
  • Vapour phase separator.
  • Differential valve.
  • High-pressure hose, 5 m in length.
  • Quick coupling on the hose.
  • ReGo relief valves, actuation pressure: 25 bar.
  • Filling clamp (of T3 or R1 type) according to the customer’s specifications.
  • Solenoid valve (a two-stage valve is supplied at extra charge).
  • Mounting components, inlet/liquid phase: trunnion mounted ball valve DN25.
  • Mounting components, outlet/vapour phase: trunnion mounted ball valve DN20.

Additional Equipment for an Extra Charge

  • Electrical heating of electronic components;
  • Dielectric flanges for installation of underground pipelines;
  • Two-stage solenoid valve.

Price on request

* The arrangement of elements may differ from those shown in the pictures. FASENERGOMASH, LLC reserves the right to introduce technical changes.