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LPG Evaporators

The SE type electric evaporators produced by the Russian company FASENERGOMASH, LLC are designed for propane, butane and their mixtures.

Indirect electric heating

  • Automatic capacity control for stand-alone and standby gas supply systems.
  • All units are factory-assembled, and pressure checked.

Product code Item Name Rated Capacity Price TCO
20.0005/SE Evaporator FEM 5 SEP-A 5 kg/hour 550 €
20.0010/SE Evaporator FEM 10 SEP-A 10 kg/hour 700 €
20.0013/SE Evaporator FEM 13 SEP-A 13 kg/hour 750 €

Product code Item Name Rated Capacity Price TCO
Basic Models
(without medium and low pressure regulators)
20.0020/SEP Evaporator FEM 20 SEP 20 kg/hour 950 €
20.0025/SEP Evaporator FEM 25 SEP 25 kg/hour 1 000 €
20.0030/SEP Evaporator FEM 30 SEP 30 kg/hour 1 000 €
20.0035/SEP Evaporator FEM 35 SEP 35 kg/hour 1 000 €
20.0040/SEP Evaporator FEM 40 SEP 40 kg/hour 1 050 €
20.0050/SEP Evaporator FEM 50 SEP 50 kg/hour 2 550 €
20.0060/SEP Evaporator FEM 60 SEP 60 kg/hour 3 000 €
20.0070/SEP Evaporator FEM 70 SEP 70 kg/hour 3 450 €
20.0080/SEP Evaporator FEM 80 SEP 80 kg/hour 3 850 €
20.0100/SEP Evaporator FEM 100 SEP 100 kg/hour 4 550 €
20.0120/SEP Evaporator FEM 120 SEP 120 kg/hour 4 950 €
20.0140/SEP Evaporator FEM 140 SEP 140 kg/hour 5 400 €
20.0160/SEP Evaporator FEM 160 SEP 160 kg/hour 5 750 €
20.0180/SEP Evaporator FEM 180 SEP 180 kg/hour 6 450 €
20.0200/SEP Evaporator FEM 200 SEP 200 kg/hour 7 650 €
20.0240/SEP Evaporator FEM 240 SEP 240 kg/hour 8 050 €
20.0260/SEP Evaporator FEM 260 SEP 260 kg/hour 8 200 €
20.0280/SEP Evaporator FEM 280 SEP 280 kg/hour 8 550 €
20.0300/SEP Evaporator FEM 300 SEP 300 kg/hour 8 750 €
20.0320/SEP Evaporator FEM 320 SEP 320 kg/hour 8 950 €

* The arrangement of elements may differ from those shown in the pictures. FASENERGOMASH, LLC reserves the right to introduce technical changes.

The FEM SE electric evaporators and evaporative units are designed to provide consumers with the vapour phase of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and include models with a capacity of 10 to 2,000 kg/hour with the function of automatic gas flow adjustment depending on the consumption rate. This function allows a significant reduction in the energy consumption for evaporation purposes.

The FEM SE evaporative units are easy to operate and highly reliable. The FASENERGOMASH, LLC experts have thoroughly studied the properties of liquefied petroleum gases, identified the features of using evaporative units in different climatic zones, collected data on shortcomings and typical faults of equipment offered by other manufacturers, and subsequently designed and manufactured a new evaporator, which is simple in operation and reliable.

In spite of the fact that FASENERGOMASH, LLC is a young developing company, it has united under the same roof the experienced professionals who manufacture and operate evaporative units all over the world. Such an approach made it possible to integrate more than twenty years of experience, thus minimising the influence of human facto, providing an automatic mode that does not require manual adjustments, trying and testing the operation of equipment in explosive Ex zones of 0–2 categories, as well as solving a number of technical issues, comprising:

  • sticking of solenoid valves;
  • intrusion of resins or sulphur inside the filter of control elements;
  • deformation of diaphragms of the control elements and safety shut-off valves;
  • freezing of control elements;
  • freezing of moisture in the filter installed in the front part of the evaporator;
  • failure of control boards due to voltage surges;
  • burnout of heating elements and thermal shut-off valves.

All the above measures have made it possible to create reliable, easy-to-use and inexpensive evaporators and evaporative units of high quality that feature a warranty period for three years or 25,000 operating hours.

In addition to standard models, an evaporator or an evaporative unit of the required capacity with any set of functions for control and transmission of information can be manufactured under an individual order.