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Evaporators for ammonia

The AE type electric evaporators produced by the Russian company FASENERGOMASH, LLC are designed for ammonia (A) and feature indirect electric heating (E). The figure following the series abbreviation means the model number in the FEM catalogue.

Indirect electric heating

  • Automatic capacity control for stand-alone and standby gas supply systems.
  • All units are factory-assembled, and pressure checked.

Product code Item Name Rated Capacity TCO
20.0053/AE Evaporator FEM 53 AE 53 kg/hour
20.0060/AE Evaporator FEM 60 AE 60 kg/hour
20.0066/AE Evaporator FEM 66 AE 66 kg/hour
20.0080/AE Evaporator FEM 80 AE 80 kg/hour
20.0086/AE Evaporator FEM 86 AE 86 kg/hour
20.0093/AE Evaporator FEM 93 AE 93 kg/hour
20.0100/AE Evaporator FEM 100 AE 100 kg/hour
20.0106/AE Evaporator FEM 106 AE 106 kg/hour

* The arrangement of elements may differ from those shown in the pictures. FASENERGOMASH, LLC reserves the right to introduce technical changes.