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Electronic Fuel Dispenser for Cars and Household Gas Cylinders FAS-220 WM №354752

Electronic dispenser of FAS-220 WM type intended to supply consumer with liquefied petroleum gas in litres with a possibility of dispensed gas accounting in kilograms with the help of additional Coriolis flow meter control panels installed in the dispenser.

With a function of filling household gas cylinders.

Basic Package


  • Stainless steel;
  • Casing model: WIDE MAST.

Electronic Components

  • Electronic part: ER5 type;
  • Power supply node 230 V AC / 50 Hz;
  • Panel for taking current meter readings in litres and kilograms (integrated LCD display panel);
  • LCD display panel on one side of the dispenser;
  • Control panel for filling household gas cylinders;
  • Rotary switch.

Hydraulic System PN 25

  • Coriolis mass flow meter (FAS 98650) for liquefied petroleum gas;
  • Vapour phase separator with an integrated fine filter;
  • Differential valve;
  • Check valve;
  • Diaphragm regulator;
  • Two-stage solenoid valve;
  • LPG 19 high-pressure hose with a speed valve as a safety feature, 5 m in length, to refuel cars through a fuelling nozzle of FAS type (Т3 – FAS No. 13039 or R1 – FAS No. 13498);
  • A hose for filling gas cylinders with a clamp for connection to the cylinder’s needle valve (FAS No. 232924);
  • A hose for filling gas cylinders with a clamp for connection to the cylinder’s angle valve (FAS No. 23015);
  • Automatic hose positioning system;
  • Scale platform for filling household gas cylinders;
  • Quick coupling;
  • RegO relief valves, 25 bar;
  • Mounting components, inlet/liquid phase: ball valve 1"NPT IG;
  • Mounting components, outlet/vapour phase: ball valve 3/4"NPT IG.

Weight: 240 kg.

Certification 2.1 EN 10 204.

Price on request